Horizon Controls Group can help you define a digital strategy focusing on your key business drivers.

We use our decades of experience, across multiple platforms and industries, to help evaluate your organization’s digital maturity and build a roadmap for future efforts. We help you to drive better efficiency, increase quality of production and realize higher value outcomes.

With data analytics and machine learning we can utilize your previous investments in systems and technologies to enable additional productivity.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation can start with a small scale project or be driven across an entire site or enterprise.

With a focus on the standard approach (People, Process and Technology) Horizon Controls Group offers a systematic, focused and best in class approach to your transformation needs.

Whether your needs are in change management, business process modeling, identifying where you sit in the digital maturity model, edge computing or Artificial Intelligence please connect with us.

Data Analytics

For most manufacturers data is an immensely valuable, but often misunderstood or underutilized resource. In the modern economy and industrial landscape, data is more valuable than ever.

Horizon Controls Group has the expertise to help you mine your existing troves of data for insights and turn the data into actionable information.

Ask us for more information on our manufacturing data analytics, machine learning or expert systems to help drive improved business outcomes and heightened operator performance.

Data Analytics
Cyber Security


Horizon Controls Group can provide total system support beyond the boundaries of your project initiatives. We can provide a structured program for IT services and automation support, both during and after hours.

We work with you to structure a comprehensive, customized managed services plan that fits your site’s specific needs and budget.

Please connect with us to learn more about our cybersecurity SaaS offering for your Data Historian, Data Acquisition, and Data Visualization needs.