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We are your dedicated partner in navigating the ever-evolving digital landscape

Horizon Controls Group at a Glance:

Our Purpose


To enable our clients to produce quality, life enhancing products for the betterment of humanity.


We integrate systems simple and complex to generate, gather and analyze data for a better manufacturing experience.


We invest in our team and provide access to best-in-class training, and education to enable better implementation of innovative solutions.

We are particularly proud to be involved in the production of life improving pharmaceutical products and medical devices. We support clients in the fight against health challenges and life changing diseases. We, at Horizon Controls Group, play our part in dramatically improving and saving lives by ensuring that production is as efficient and timely as possible.

Our work has been prevalent in the Life Sciences Industry at a time when digital automation technologies are improving productivity across many industries. The growing use of automation and adoption of digital technologies mean that Horizon Controls Group provides opportunities in a transformational field.

Leadership Team

Get to know the driving force behind our organization. Our leadership team is composed of passionate and experienced individuals dedicated to shaping the future of our company.

A Picture of CEO Mike Hourigan - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Mike Hourigan


As the founder, CEO and driving force behind Horizon Controls Group, Mike brings a wealth of expertise to the digital process automation realm. His multifaceted skills encompass front-end studies, capital cost estimation, project management, digital transformation consulting, and automation training. Mike is a visionary. His entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to making a meaningful impact on clients and team members inspired the creation of Horizon Controls Group. In 2017, he furthered his dedication to the field by founding the International Academy of Automation Engineering®, and he actively serves on the board of a technology organization and non-profit initiatives. When he’s not immersed in his professional endeavors, Mike indulges in his passion for travel and enjoys being a spectator of sports, with a particular enthusiasm for soccer and rugby.

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A Picture of Gemma Doyle - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Gemma Doyle


Gemma is a passionate professional leader with 20+ years’ experience in delivering solutions in high-paced organizations. Gemma’s tenure with the Horizon Controls Group of companies spans over 10 years. Now as the Chief Revenue Officer, Gemma is responsible for pricing, revenue operations, marketing, sales, and customer success. Before that Gemma was the Chief Operations Officer. Gemma is very focused on HCG’s strategic planning, oversight, and coordination to improve effectiveness, productivity, performance and functionality to drive extensive and sustainable growth. An innovative thinker with a proven ability to analyze and execute business objectives pertaining to clients, projects, talent acquisition, talent succession, learning and development, etc. Gemma loves the outdoors and is a keen explorer, she is also generous with reading material recommendations.

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A Picture of Alex Maliavin - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Alex Maliavin


With a seasoned career spanning the realms of sales, technology, and digitization, Alex leads our sales team. His expertise encompasses Sales and Services Operations, Digital Transformation & Optimization. Alex’s visionary leadership gave birth to a Center of Excellence (COE), a hub for process refinement, future-state evaluations, and tailor-made solutions. His unique leadership approach balances a revenue-driven focus that delivers results with an empathetic and compassionate side celebrating the team’s achievements. Overseeing international, remote, and onsite teams Alex has a culture of mentorship and talent development, considering it as a fundamental to success. A proud Air Force veteran with a Master of Science degree in Information Systems, Alex leads a well-rounded life, finding fulfillment in skiing, globetrotting adventures, beach escapades, and mountain retreats.

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A Picture of Alex Maliavin - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

John Deitzel


John brings a wealth of expertise spanning Learning and Development, Sales/Operations, and Customer Success. With a commitment to impactful relationships with forward-thinking leaders in the professional development arena, John ensures that both clients and their organizations receive unparalleled experiences. John fosters a culture of leadership, prioritizing close collaboration with clients to guarantee their success. He believes that this hands-on approach is integral to the flourishing of any organization. Throughout his career, John has partnered with clients and global digital learning luminaries, specializing in content, platform, and learning consultancy. John finds joy in various pursuits such as hiking, live music, and delving into enriching reads.

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A Picture of Paul Robinson - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Paul Robinson


With three decades of invaluable experience in the Digital Learning sector, Paul is the leader for Horizon Training Services. As a seasoned expert, he is dedicated to crafting top-tier training content for both global clients and internal stakeholders. Paul adeptly manages an ever-growing portfolio of products and programs, nurtures enduring customer relationships, and provides tailored and refreshed training solutions to key clients. Throughout his career, Paul has collaborated with numerous global digital learning leaders in content, platform, and learning consultancy, enriching his knowledge base. Beyond his professional pursuits, Paul finds solace and joy in a variety of outdoor activities, including golfing, fishing, and sailing.

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A Picture of Alex Maliavin - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Diana HighBloom


Diana began her journey with Horizon Controls Group in 2018 as an Operations Support Lead, dedicated to internal projects and initiatives. Recognizing her potential, HCG invested in her professional growth by enrolling her in Villanova University’s HR Certification program earning her SHRM-CP certification. In 2020, Diana transitioned into the role of HR/Operations Manager. Her primary objective is to optimize HCG’s human capital, ensuring alignment with company values, strategies, and initiatives.The HR department is steadfast in its commitment to developing, implementing, and supporting impactful programs that enhance the overall value of HCG and its employees. We strive to foster a safe, healthy, and dynamic work environment conducive to personal and professional flourishing. Outside of work, Diana is an avid outdoor enthusiast who finds solace in activities like hiking, paddle boarding, and immersing herself in nature. She cherishes moments spent traveling and creating lasting memories with her children.

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A Picture of Paul Robinson - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Marci Fernandez


Currently serving as the Manager of US Recruitment, Marci oversees the full recruitment cycle in the US, implements effective strategies aligned with organizational goals, and fosters a culture of excellence within the team. Her strategic thinking, problem-solving abilities, and commitment to business growth drive her success in recruitment, marketing, and building relationships with candidates and customers. Marci is dedicated to upholding the values of Horizon Controls Group and maintaining meaningful relationships within the engineering community. Marci is a circular economy enthusiast, and she loves to spend time with her family traveling, riding a bike or just watching movies/series together.

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A Picture of Alex Maliavin - Horizon Controls Group Team Member

Sam Arena


Sam is our financial controller driving Horizon Controls Group’s success since 2015. With adept leadership, Sam manages all accounting, financial reporting, budgeting, treasury, and tax activities, both domestically and internationally. Sam’s strategic acumen extends beyond numbers; he collaborates with senior management in general business and strategic planning, excelling in financial forecasting, tax planning, intellectual property management and corporate compliance. His expertise ensures Horizon Controls Group’s financial stability and propels it towards growth. Sam’s dedication and proficiency make him a big part of our team’s success. In his free time Sam enjoys listening to music, being outdoors, and spending time with his family.

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Diversity Statement

Horizon Controls Group is a company rooted in human-centric values. We are dedicated to fostering diversity, equality, inclusion, and a deep sense of belonging within our organization. We firmly believe that by creating an environment where our diverse team members can freely exchange ideas and thrive, we are better equipped to serve both our organization and our diverse global clientele. We empower our staff to feel valued, connected, and capable of making meaningful contributions to the communities they are part of, both personally and professionally. Above all, we want each employee to be proud to be a member of Horizon Controls Group.

Our Partnerships

Horizon Controls Group


Under the visionary leadership of Mike Hourigan, Horizon Controls Limited was founded in 2005 in Cork, Ireland, fueled by his fervor for advancing automation engineering. Mike’s commitment to showcasing the pinnacle of automation engineering, coupled with his entrepreneurial drive, propelled the company’s global expansion into the United States in 2011, evolving into Horizon Controls Group.

Headquartered in Blue Bell, PA, Horizon Controls Group strategically operates from offices in North Carolina, California, Massachusetts, and Indiana. Despite our expansive international reach, our roots in Cork, Ireland, remain the cornerstone of our European operations.

As we navigate our continued growth, we are focused on expanding our service offerings, while steadfastly serving our existing clientele, reflecting the remarkable journey we’ve undertaken and the promising path ahead.

Emphasizing the foundational role of training and education, Mike established Horizon Training Services in 2016. This initiative empowers automation engineers to thrive in their careers through versatile learning tools for various automation platforms, available for virtual or on-site education, fostering value for both clients and employees.

At the forefront of emerging technologies and as trailblazers in the dynamic landscape of Industry 4.0, we broadened our business scope in 2019 with the creation of Horizon Innovative Technologies. Recognizing that innovation is not a choice but a commitment, our research and development team diligently works to address gaps created by rapidly advancing technology.

Central to Horizon Controls Group is an unwavering pursuit of excellence, propelling us to continually redefine the limits of what is achievable. As a dynamic digital process automation company, we take pride in delivering a comprehensive suite of services, encompassing robust engineering design, seamless system integration, innovative digital solutions, and tailored training programs aimed at empowering your business.

Step into the future with Horizon Controls Group, where our global presence converges with local expertise, shaping the future collaboratively.