Vision & Values

Our people have the knowledge to accomplish great things.
We are committed to exemplifying the following core values always:


Taking responsibility for one’s actions. Act not only to complete tasks but also look for ways to make things better by improving processes, helping team members, and representing the organization well internally and externally. They are proud of their role and want to be the best they can be.


Respond appropriately to improve outcomes, processes, or measurements. Assume responsibility and leadership when asked. Accomplish goals independently, with little need for supervision. Take ownership and accountability for own performance. Seek out and be willing to accept additional responsibilities in the context of the job. Strive to make a difference.


Free sharing of information whenever possible to build a culture of openness. Clear communication of company goals and long term plans along with goals for an individual, and how they fit together. Encouraging and answering questions so that the company has a united understanding of our goals and is pulling in the same direction.


We demonstrate excellence both in the caliber of the projects we deliver as well as the people we employ. Our team combines talent and experience to deliver outstanding quality services.

Our industry intelligence and pro-active approach to projects – both large and small, enables us to consistently achieve over and above expectation on behalf of our clients.


Innovation and passion are key ingredients to our success. We are go-getters, always looking to expand our network and position ourselves at the forefront of technology, in the many industries we serve.

Our people have a drive for action, a thrilling energy and a commitment to excellence. We enjoy what we do and that directly correlates to the efficient, effective, and quality of work we produce.


We have created a balanced, welcoming, and respectful work environment. Our unified team is the cornerstone of our success, and we are committed to building lasting personal relationships among our employees.

We want our employees to benefit from being a part of Horizon Controls Group as much as we benefit from working with them.

Why Our Work Matters

The Why: Our Work Matters

We are particularly proud to be involved in the production of life improving pharmaceutical products. With so many clients in the fight against COVID-19 we are proud to be part of their team. Horizon Controls Group plays our part in dramatically improving and saving lives by ensuring that production is as efficient and timely as possible.

Our work has been particularly prevalent in the Life Sciences Industry at a time when digital automation technologies are improving productivity across many industries. The growing use of automation and adoption of digital technologies means that Horizon Controls Group provides opportunities in a transformational field.

The History: Horizon Controls Group

Initially founded in 2005 in Cork, Ireland by Mike Hourigan out of his desire to promote the best that the field of automation engineering has to offer. Horizon Controls Group expanded internationally into the United States in 2011. Always seeking to maintain its place at the edge of innovation, Horizon Controls Group is a full service digital process automation company offering solutions including engineering design, system integration, cyber security, and customized training for your business.

Horizon Controls Group is active in both Europe and across the United States. Our headquarters is located in Blue Bell, Pennsylvania outside of Philadelphia and the headquarters for our European subsidiary is in Cork, Ireland.

Our History