At Horizon Controls Group, we believe in the value of training and education related to digital, automation, and process controls systems.

As digitalization becomes more comprehensive across a wider range of industries, we recognize the need for immediate, on-going, and certified training for all stakeholders that interact with these systems regularly. This includes engineering, operations, maintenance, quality, validation, and leadership.

Manufacturers are undergoing digital transformations at an increasing rate. Supply chain interruptions, pandemics, and other disruptors are driving digital architectures that rely on advanced technologies, data acquisition, visualization, analytics, and data modeling.

Horizon Controls Group want to ensure that our team and your team are trained to operate at peak efficiency and ready to meet the challenges of the future!

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Customized Training

Customized Digital Process Automation Training

We pride ourselves on delivering digital automation solutions tailored to your unique needs and this extends to our best in class training solutions.

Horizon Controls Group works with you to identify skill gaps and develop customized solution to the specific needs of your organization. Our assessment philosophy and unique gap assessment tool can tailor training programs to your needs, using our training catalog, your training catalog, or a combination of both.

With our experience in instructional design, learning development and program management we offer a unique capability building solution for your team. We employ a state-of-the-art Learning Management System and utilize a training approach that immerses the learner in the material while reinforcing the learning with practical hands-on experiences.

The option is available for our training materials to be instructor-led, self-paced, for groups or for individuals. Instructor-led courses can be presented virtually via remote connection or through an established Learning Management System. Courses can also be presented in person at a HCG office location or local classroom.

Let us know how we can customize your training plan.

MES Training

Training solutions are developed by our industry-leading engineers in collaboration with other industry experts. They have been leveraged by organizations at the forefront of automation education such as the International Academy of Automation Engineering ® (IAAE®).

Horizon Controls Group training solutions focus on essential automation and process controls principles.

Our Training Includes:

  • Introduction to Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)
  • Introduction to Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES)
  • MES Principles
  • In-Depth Hands-On Workshops
  • MES Bootcamp Training (Introduction to Emerson Syncade)
MES Training
Emerson DeltaV Training

Emerson DeltaV Training

Our industry-leading engineers have also developed a training program focused on the use of Emerson DeltaV. These comprehensive courses can help you bring your workforce up to date with one of the most in-demand skills in industry.

Our Training includes:

  • Configurator/Automation Engineering Fundamentals​
  • Introductions to DeltaV System Configurations and Applications
  • Continuous Layer Configuration
    • Graphic Development
    • ​Control Modules
    • Equipment Modules
    • Alarm Management
  • In-Depth Hands-On Workshops

Focused Training Programs

For those clients and individuals that desire to grow their resource capability from novice to expert in an accelerated manner, Horizon Controls Group offers several intensive programs built to train new or upskilling engineers and technicians in a condensed time frame.

Our unique Digital Automation Accelerator Programs all feature:

Relevant and Marketable Skills
Build relevant skills that are in demand today and gain an advantage in your current career path.

Options for Learning
Our program is modular, and customization is possible to fit learning paths of 5 weeks and longer.

Standards-Based Content
Courses follow ISA, IEEE, IEC, ISPE standards and good practices and coniform to the Automation Competency Model.

Expert course instruction and hands-on labs provide a high-value learning experience. Why spend years pursuing a master’s degree in a single discipline when you become a Digital Automation Expert in less time?

Our programs are designed to meet your needs and offer flexible course schedules and training plans. Contact Horizon Controls Group for a current schedule of courses and program start dates.

Focused Training Program
Training Consulting Services

Training Consulting Services

Many companies have training needs that require content that is specific to their plant site or organization. Building on our tradition of providing the finest training content, we can work with your engineers, maintenance, quality, validation, and management personnel to develop training specifically for your systems, equipment, or operation.

Whether you need in-person training, presentation-based training, performance or OJT training, or any combination of these, Horizon Controls Group stand ready to deliver!

We use modern tools, such a SCORM-based training module, 3D scanner images and VR experiences, and professional voice over talent to generate training that will provide your staff the training they need and deserve.

Let us know how we can help your organization!