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Our commitment goes beyond delivering top-notch services and solutions. We are dedicated to fostering an environment where every member of our team can flourish professionally, take on exciting challenges, and reach their full potential.

Different team members to show diversity
Different team members to show diversity

Our Core Values

They are the compass guiding our excellence:

Vision and Values

Here at Horizon Controls Group, we are very conscious that our shared core values are the cornerstone of a remarkable employee journey. When values align, it cultivates a thriving, purpose-driven workplace, closely tied to our company’s purpose. Our Leadership leads by example, living our core values and this consistency fosters engagement and performance across our team.

Our culture is rooted in these values, providing fulfillment and a sense of purpose. Here, employees forge connections, collaborate, and build trust.

Embracing these values lays a strong foundation for a positive employee experience. Alignment breeds a thriving workplace where individuals excel, fueling our collective success.

Some of our exceptional Clients:

Diversity Statement

Horizon Controls Group is a company rooted in human-centric values. We are dedicated to fostering diversity, equality, inclusion, and a deep sense of belonging within our organization. We firmly believe that by creating an environment where our diverse team members can freely exchange ideas and thrive, we are better equipped to serve both our organization and our diverse global clientele. We empower our staff to feel valued, connected, and capable of making meaningful contributions to the communities they are part of, both personally and professionally. Above all, we want each employee to be proud to be a member of Horizon Controls Group.

Employee Testimonials

Discover what it is like to be a part of the Horizon Controls Group through the experiences and stories of our dedicated team members. Our employees are the heart of our success, and their voices reflect the vibrant and fulfilling careers that await at Horizon Controls Group. Take a moment to explore their testimonials and get a glimpse into the rewarding journey of being a part of our innovative and dynamic company.