Innovate! Discover Horizon Controls Group’s dedication to assisting clients in enhancing productivity and achieving operational excellence through Manufacturing Process Automation solutions. As part of this commitment Horizon Innovation Technologies (HIT) supports our client teams by harnessing emerging tech to deliver value. This will ensure that you have a roadmap to deploying Industry 4.0 – more integrated operations to be able to take full advantage of Smart Manufacturing capabilities.

The key precepts to achieving Industry 4.0 are:

  • Integrating data across these system and organizational silos to enable Data Analytics and Machine Learning to help process automation, resource planning, and regulatory and GMP compliance.
  • Creating and operating Digital Twins; virtual representations of processes, manufacturing equipment, or a complete supply chain; can be used to simulate planned designs or process, manage ongoing manufacturing, or confirm variations that need attention. This can drive cost savings through a combination of better designs of processes and through more efficient operations.
  • Leveraging new communications capabilities of the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), a wide range of sensors and equipment can deliver real-time process, parameter, sample, and equipment performance data encompassing communication from the edge of traditional networks.
  • Utilizing Augmented and Mixed Reality as a means of visualizing manufacturing operations. Such technologies can be used to dramatically improve training for new operators, provide guidance and enforce compliance for operators and SMEs in the field, and improve collaboration and troubleshooting for teams in the field and in control rooms.
Machine Learning

Data Analytics and Machine Learning

Being able to gather data from multiple sources, across the manufacturing floor, the business, and the quality labs and help guide personnel in how to respond to issue revealed by the data.

Consolidate manufacturing parameters, compliance records, and other operational information into electronic batch records that can be used to simplify compliance and supply chain operations.

Delivery of a Manufacturing Plant simulation that helped the operations and planning teams identify critical bottlenecks that were impacting performance and compliance.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

Taking advantage of simplified communication protocols and wireless networks to enable real time communications from systems, equipment, PLC controllers, and sensors to gather real time data across the field to ensure that operations are running smoothly according to the process.

Leveraging this data from multiple sources in real time to provide warnings and alarms when things in the field are straying from standard parameters and need attention.

Integrating this data with modern user HMI (Human Man Interfaces) to provide process display in the control room and out in the field.

Managing these disparate data sources in a cybersecure environment to prevent hackers from getting access to these critical systems and equipment while still enabling the connectivity between systems.

Industrial IOT
Digital Transformation

Digital Twin

Leveraging Digital Twin representations of relevant parts of your operation to support process design and optimization, Supply Chain Operations, and Production Planning.

Digital Twin of a Bioreactor can be applied to optimize performance and conduct multiple experiments in software to confirm the likelihood that proposed process changes will result in batches that will meet quality standards before spending the time and money to build a pilot plant leading to more innovative and faster process design iterations.

Digital Twins can also be applied to plant operations by providing a way to analyze and assess equipment and asset usage to drive maintenance and calibration actions in an optimized manner and monitor performance in real time.

Mixed and Augmented Reality

Providing a way to present operators and manufacturing SMEs with a view to their equipment with key information about the current performance and status superimposed on the screen to help identify and troubleshoot potential issues.

Enabling Standard Operating Procedures to be presented in an electronic, dynamic format that will adjust to the current equipment status. Simplifying operations and reducing the chance to make mistakes.

Delivering training through Augmented Reality glasses or with a mobile application in a visual way in the field with actual equipment enables Operators learn much more quickly and effectively. This training can be customized depending on the specific manufacturing line reducing costs and providing for a more flexible workforce.

Mixed Reality
Cyber Security


Horizon Controls Group can provide total system support beyond the boundaries of your project initiatives. We can provide a structured program for IT services and automation support, both during and after hours.

We work with you to structure a comprehensive, customized managed services plan that fits your site’s specific needs and budget.

Please connect with us to learn more about our cybersecurity SaaS offering for your Data Historian, Data Acquisition, and Data Visualization needs.

Ask the Experts

Hong Li
Subject Matter Expert, Data & Data Science

Hong is an experienced and hands-on Agile transformational leader, data scientist, architect, and engineer. He is a firm believer in driving Agile Digital Transformation that enables great teams to deliver business value and performance improvement to customers. Data is the touchstone and cornerstone of Digital Transformation, as business-IT alignment is the foundation that enables the success of data and data science applications. Hong was a member of the Purdue Laboratory for Applied Industrial Control that developed Purdue Model (ISA95/99) led by the late Prof. Williams. Since he came to industry in the 1990s, Hong has been fortunate to play all kinds of roles in IT projects in various industries. Since 2006, Hong has provided blended technical and organizational leadership on many large and small scale efforts focused on data, BI, and advanced analytics, such as applied data science projects to help organizations digitize data and analytical functions at scale. Hong enjoys reading, swimming, and watching good movies with his family and friends in his free time.

Ashraf Suri
Subject Matter Expert, Digital Twin

Ashraf is an accomplished engineering leader with more than 25 years of expertise in digital transformation, manufacturing, control systems, simulation, new product launches, and customer management. He is a team builder and leader who is passionate about using technology as an enabler to develop and enhance industrial processes. At Horizon Controls Group, Ashraf supports cross-functional engineering teams as they develop innovative solutions for our clients as part of their digital transformation. As a thought leader, he is focused on establishing strategic goals and technology roadmap for the company. Ashraf enjoys spending time with his family and watching sports when he is not working.

Jason Slade
Subject Matter Expert, IIoT

Jason works to assess our clients IIoT landscape and identify issues/improvements, gather information, and implement innovative solutions. leveraging the ability of smart machines and real-time analytics. He helps to develop, manage, and implement business strategies to maximize and fulfill the product vision for our clients, enabling them to have better efficiency and reliability in their operations. Jason has worked in the industry for over a decade and has always had a passion for solution architecture and system integration. Jason has expertise in SCADA and PLC integration, and data management including: Honeywell PHD, AVEVA/OSIsoft PI, and Inductive Automation Ignition. Always forward looking, he believes in the value that digital transformation will bring to the industry’s expanding digital initiatives. Outside of work Jason enjoys spending time tinkering with home automation projects.

Horizon Innovative Technologies team are working with our clients to incorporate these Industry 4.0 capabilities to provide significant additional value. They leverage years of experience in these technologies combined with a practical knowledge and pragmatic approach to make sure the application of these technologies aligns with the capabilities of our clients.